– We have shut it down last night as usual and when we came back to the office in the morning I’ve turned it on but could not reach it over the network. I’ve took it to my local computer shop but they said there is nothing they can see and even spoke to Iomega Read More →

Let me begin with the fact that 546km ride is my personal record of continuous riding so the excitement  should be more understood by the occasional reader. Nevertheless I believe that even if one is used to such long trips he will find some breathe taking experience while crossing the Alps. coming back and looking Read More →

1. Browse downloads in browser and select the one you need 2. Get the login screen 3. copy redirectUrl param from the address bar of your browser 4. get back to terminal window 5. type: wget –post-data=’redirectUrl= &username=&password=’ https://profile.oracle.com/jsp/reg/loginHandler.jsp hit Enter and watche the download progress Hope it helps. And don’t forgret you have downloaded Read More →

Problem: you have a shared remote backup space and you want to backup sensitive data from your servers There is a plenty of options out there, in my situation I have a Linux server with shell access where to take files and a shell account on BSD with 75GB of space where to put these Read More →