ISC BIND has no logo, so here is a fixed Duck I've stolen from their internets

Been some time I had a DNS server with enough zones and queries so I have to worry about the numbers. And oh boy the time flies. Even at ISC. So, assuming you have a BIND 9.5 and above, there is this super new feature that didn’t even get yet to the man page of Read More →

powershell one-liner: powershell invoke-command -scr "{$tot=0; gwmi win32_Processor -Property NumberOfLogicalProcessors |  ForEach-Object { $tot = $tot + $_.NumberOfLogicalProcessors }; $tot}" Gives you the total number of what OS sees as processors, practically a total of all threads on all physical CPUs.

sudo wget -o /etc/yum.repos.d/steam.repo rpm -ivh cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS rpmbuild -bb steam.spec sudo yum localinstall ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/steam- steam Or here

WS 400 Sender/TooManyDistributions/Processing your request could cause you to exceed the maximum number of distributions allowed. Or in other words, you have hit something not mentioned on CloudFront service description and limits request form. That is 100 distribution per account. Waiting for a reply from sales. Update: Dear Mr. Tabolsky, The 100 Distributions limit for Read More →