Yes, thats right, joining the crowd. I’ve been looking at these for about 4 months sliding my opinion from “disgusting” when I eventually stumbled upon Asus OhEEEs to “cool” when I’ve seen Lenovo’s S10. Anyway, I bought for three certain reasons, one being the curiosity, the other my recent “on the move” activity ( 15.4 Read More →

When you get no events notifications about power cable in-out on vaio, you must probably have hit the vaio bios bug. Practically it sends 0x81 event instead of 0x80. To fix it in current kernels distributed by your favorite vendor you have to add in ac.c : #define ACPI_AC_NOTIFY_STATUS           0x80 +#define ACPI_AC_NOTIFY_SONY             0x81 #define ACPI_AC_STATUS_OFFLINE          Read More →

sputnik:~ # zypper dup– skip –Overall download size: 1.55 G. After the operation, additional 173.8 M will be used. I’ve always seen the upgrades sceptically …This time it HAS to work. Come on, it’s 2008 … Update: well, after 40 minutes … it worked 😉Happy me ! TIP: How to upgrade from opensuse 10.3 to Read More →