In the Modest, n900 default (not that there are many alternatives) mail client, you can’t save the email you send to server. Not implemented. If an IMAP user, which is the one who usually wants to keep his messages in order, comes to n900 with all the glory, he will have to manually drag his mail from “Sent” folder on n900 (shared between accounts btw) to “Sent” folder on the IMAP server. Great.

Now, some people have noted this injustice and opened brainstorm (what is here to storm if one has brains!?) and a bug (certainly it is). Should I hope that this will be FIXED? I bet I shouldn’t.

Check this out:

anyway: the two options (copy and bcc) are not exclusive of each other.  the
two email clients I checked offer both things.  'mutt' also has both options
(and many more, obviously).

The maemo community member offers his opinion as contribution based on his own experience. Sounds good. It does. As contribution. Two email clients checked. Fair number. But I just can’t stand the mutt thing … No really, what’s the point of it? To let people know you have such big balls with all the white hair around that you still use mutt in 2010?

And that’s not a rare case, reading the forums, bugzilla, wiki … There are two types of opinion contributions

  1. Mutter, the one who offers to use a device marketed by nokia as a PHONE as a mainframe terminal
  2. Bullshitter, the one who doesn’t care at all a wants an iphone

That’s it, just can’t stand the mutt thing ….

6 Thoughts on “N900: Using mail, mail developers?

  1. That’s hillarious! Liked the part about old balls…

    Just bumped on your post while searching for the solution to the non-saving to server problem.
    I want Thunderbird on my n900. Modest was born dead. They have it on previous Nokia tablet, why not port Thunderbird to n900?!

  2. You should check out the main thread at the Maemo forums where there is a discussion of lots of mail clients that are currently available and a couple that are waiting for ports.

    Someone has ported Thunderbird to N810, but it is a bit slow.

  3. Thanks David, if nokia will be lucky not to fail in a couple of years then I will certainly check it out. Especially with new arm cpus that should be able to run mozilla monsters. But for now I am happy with android.

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  5. The best celphone that i have seen I was running out of budget to get this one, i really like it

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